One Year, Give or Take

Wow, a whole year of blog posts on good old ‘Dimples. It’s been quite the ride. Funny, strange, emotional, rewarding, disconcerting, etc. etc. I digress. I haven’t been present in quite some time and that has a lot to do with some major changes that recently happened in my life–all good things!

I have not given up on my writing, but I have let it take a backseat for a bit while I tackled all the change. I feel as if I am finally beginning to take deep breaths, but I won’t lie and say I don’t enjoy adventure. I love it.

With that, I have to say you’ll probably be seeing even less of me as I move on to different adventures. I am not giving up on writing, merely shifting. I’d hate to lose touch with all of my fellow bloggers and seven readers ;), so please comment below if you’d like to remain in touch. I’ll reach out once my other platforms are established!

Until then, I will continue reading all of your beautiful stories and ideas!



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