Where I’ve been and what’s been consuming me.

Statistics and logistics…
Who’s in charge here?
Is this world run by men?
Or are we merely allowed to play pretend?

We’ve created rules and currency,
Unnatural means of dollars and cents.

We place worth on things that belong to no one.

And hatred is a cavern
Where we throw the ordinary man to ferment
Until ready to consume.

This is not our world to break.
This is not the way we found it.
And yet we consider over coffee and tea
Ways to break what isn’t ours.

We try to find a new earth
Not to connect,
Not to feel less alone,
But because we need a new place to destroy.

What more can we ruin?
What other species can we eliminate?
What else awaits us to claim as our own?

But it was never ours.
It was surely never ours.
Like everything else,
We took out the magic and made it something ugly.


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