Drink it in.

If I could bottle a feeling, I’d distill and cork the one that’s carried me since Friday. A day where nothing could get me down, and my cheeks are still aching. Even the dimpled parts, which, if you ever found yourself wondering, are actually undeveloped muscles in my face that create cavernous craters of laziness. I can’t even blame atrophy for their existence since they’ve been there since birth. No, they’re simply so lazy they’ve never even tried to do their job. Somehow, laziness is attractive because people love those suckers. It’s where I hide my evil, so you know. Be warned.

But if I could hang onto that feeling, I would. The one where I feel balanced enough not to weep into a grainy cup of coffee after stepping on an upside down Lego chair. Yeah, you thought regular bricks were bad? Welcome to Duplo, home edition. The feeling where I don’t even feel guilty for shaking dog hair off a shirt and putting it on. You’re probably disgusted, but hey, it’s my home. I don’t even care that it’s fifty degrees on July-freaking-first. Okay, I totally care, but I’m not going to let it get to me.

Today, I feel good. And I’ve felt good for days. Because I finally have a bit of faith restored in my fellow humans. So, thanks for being decent. Thanks for not sucking. Thanks for finally doing what we should have always done, but at least we finally caught up. I may even post a bit of fiction later, something I have NEVER done on this blog. Or any blog. Or ANYWHERE public. So, there. That’s how good I feel.

Or, I may get extremely self-conscious and not. You know what? I’ll just leave you wondering, you beautiful people, you.


5 thoughts on “Drink it in.

  1. You know, I have dimples too, but only if I smile. So they used to ask me to smile, all the time, when I was a kid. Now I walk with this perpetual smile on my face. 🙂 Looking forward to fiction.


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