Is that your brain in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

When I was a tween (yeah, I just shuddered at that verbiage), I remember thinking that the world of adults was one of intellect. I pictured smart conversations and an overall want and desire to help others. I imagined that everyone was excited to learn and share their knowledge with each other.

And then I get here…I finally arrive…and everyone is watching cat videos.

It’s strange. I know that there are different groups of people just like in High School. The jocks and the geeks and the nerds and the stoners and so on and so forth. But for some reason, I just assumed that once I reached the summit where everything happens, that I’d somehow fit in.

I definitely don’t fit in.

There isn’t a place for me in this mosaic world. Not a specific one. I’m always too strange or too normal or too funny or too lame. I drink too much. I don’t drink enough. I don’t go out enough…that probably will not change for some time. I didn’t join the damn PTO. (And I’m not going to, dammit.)

Maybe I’m trapping myself in a bubble? Or am I hanging out in all the wrong places?

I guess, my question is, Where are all the smart people?

I’m not labeling myself as MENSA here, I’m just looking for someone to talk about something other than the Kardashians.

I need stimulation! (Don’t you make that dirty. I see you snickering over there.) Mental stimulation. Conversation. History. KNOWLEDGE.

I want people to care about things. I want them to form their own opinions rather than whatever the hell their parents believe or the mass media blanketing coverage tells them to believe.

But all I see are people twerking. And that just makes me oh so sad.


9 thoughts on “Is that your brain in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  1. Good morning ….
    “And then I get here…I finally arrive…and everyone is watching cat videos.”
    quoting You – because yes – i do agree – having posted a cat meme myself ….
    🙂 x I sympathize – empathize and You know what – You are doing Your own thing – stick to it – ❤ ❤ mental stimulation – YES – with you on that – Unfortunately in this day and age – there is less and less – RIGHT THERE –
    I'm a grown up and lemme tell you 🙂 if you want me to – ? ha xxxx
    You sound like You wanna make change happen – from what I have read in your other brilliant posts is that – You have the heart of human being that wants social change – That's an amazing thing –
    Cat xxx

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  2. Well that makes two of us Sweetie. I guess I’m at the point where I look at people and think, do I want to fit in with them? Nope. And lock myself in my house.
    There are a few people out there I can exchange my opinions with where I don’t want to pull my hair out once they respond, but usually at the end of our discussion we become depressed and heavy hearted because the weight of the world is too damn heavy to carry.

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  3. Ah you do have a way with blogging! Or social commentary, or all of the above and something else I can’t quite place.

    Anyhow, what I learned is that good communication is not always about talking with a witty person, though you do sound funny, it’s about a certain spark of intellectual compatibility and share interests with a person, that can turn the water of conversation into champagne. You know will the experience, when you feel particularly smart-ass, hilarious and passionate about talking to someone and with someone.

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      • In truth, with the internet, just meeting good folk has gotten a whole lot harder! I dunno if you live in the boonies or what. But last time I felt like that, I had to go on okcupid and meet random people, it WAS pretty weird.


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