Karma wants me to befriend you, but I just put a post-it note on your back.

I am not a religious person. I do, however, hold onto Karma with a ferocity. This is because Karma likes to remind me, every single day, that the energy you put into the world will snowball and hit you in the back. And the thing about snowballs is, they don’t just hold onto snow.

Maybe, on it’s way across the Atlantic, it picked up coral and sea urchins to stab me with. Or, civil war reenactment paraphernalia coming up through the south. Samurai swords. Floggers. Maybe, this snowball traveled back in time and picked up a freaking morning star to high five me with.

No, I’m not talking about a sparkly little dot in the sky.

But while we’re on the subject, that’s a flaming ball of gas light years away that would char the earth and press the reset button.

Be nice to people so we don’t all die from the pretty little orb in the sky.

It’s not hard, right?

But, sometimes, it is. Sometimes, when you’re an ass hole or a cynic or tired or crabby….sometimes you’re mean. And then, without you wanting it to, that meanness snowballs into a direct smack from Karma saying, “Hey, you’re the one, man. You’re the one who put that negative energy into the universe.”

I picture Karma as a Bob Marley type guy. He’s got really cool hair that I’ll never be cool enough to have myself, and excellent taste in music. His extra curricular activities are fantastically stuck in “Why grow up, buddy? We’re all children. We never really leave school. Got a light?”

Anyway, Karma’s been kicking my ass lately. Here and there. In little doses, thankfully, but still. A little slap here, a burn there. It adds up. Humbling, I suppose, is the word.

I feel *sob* like I’m not *sob* cool anymore.

Mister Rogers would never stand for this.

That’s totally what a cool person would say. You know I’m right. 😉

But…I mean, I do want to be nice. Funny, too, though. So, can’t we all just get on board with my sarcasm and embrace it for the compliment that it is? That I’m wasting precious energy coming up with quips to woo you with? That is flattery, man. Of the deepest and sincerest kind. You’re loved by an inherently LAZY person. Be grateful! 😀


3 thoughts on “Karma wants me to befriend you, but I just put a post-it note on your back.

  1. I tend to view Karma as an old, old man who smiles when I slip on the ice, laughs when I lose my wallet, grins when I crack a tooth on the steel washer that somehow wound up baked into the Cap’n Crunch I’m eating for breakfast. Karma is a system, not a device. You can’t beat the system. You can’t even understand it.

    Luck, on the other hand, is understandable. Never name luck, nor take it for granted. Neither curse it nor boast of it. Humbly respect it and respect custom. Most importantly, count on it when it holds.

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