And Apparently She Cooks

This year, I took on The Bird. I did all the cringe-worthy things–the washing off the slime, the pulling out the, not one, but two, bags and then some fleshy, bone-y thing that had my holiday hangover in a tizzy. In the end, it turned out excellent. Even can roast a turkey, apparently. I do have a few questions, though.

How long after removing the bird from the dryer do you have to wait before you can put the clothes back in? Is the starchy, fuzzy taste normal–like maybe a small, freshly laundered bear rolled all over it after lying in a pile of blankets? At what point do the clothes stop coming out greasy? The scent isn’t bad, really. Other than a lot more attention from bears and stray dogs, I don’t mind smelling like Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of my life.

Otherwise, it went quite well. Everyone I spoke to prior made such a huge deal over Roasting the Turkey. I thought it was really very simple. The constant banging and smacking of the plucked poultry made the meat very tender, and squeezing the grease from the lint trap to make the gravy was a breeze. I only wish I could have bought a spare dryer to put the potatoes in… they didn’t turn out as well in the dishwasher.

How was your Thanksgiving?


5 thoughts on “And Apparently She Cooks

  1. We said screw all the drama and stayed home. Beer can chicken replaced a turkey and we drank sparkling grape juice out of wine glasses. It was wonderful.
    Congrats on your turkey making success.

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  2. I had to laugh at the bit of putting the turkey in the dryer. Too funny! I can’t cook a real turkey because it’s too gross. I am not sticking my hand up there (not even if it bought me dinner.)


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